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MatéBros boasts five all-natural ingredients that pass the FDA regulation for natural ingredients with flying colors. Compare our nutrition label with the competitors and you will be happy to find that on average we have one third the sugar, calories, and carbohydrates. This product really is a guilt-free way to consume natural caffeine!

Ingredients: Water, Yerba Mate, Sugar Cane, Stevia, and Lemon-Juice. Yum!

I have been an athlete basically my whole life and I have struggled with finding a healthy source of energy. I have tried everything from coffee to energy drinks like Red Bull. I hated the jitters and crash that came from drinks like those. MateBros is the first source of energy I have found that has a short natural ingredient list, gives me the energy without the crash, and I actually like the taste lol who doesn’t love lemon tea? I like to drink it before training, competition, or even just as a morning beverage!

Kacy Catanzaro

5x American Ninja Warrior

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