It all started when…

our three co-founders climbed a ladder to the roof of Alex’s home in sunny Southern California for a “Mate sesh”. Little did they know this was the start of MatéBros!

Alex, Sam, and Jordan were friends bonded by gymnastics. They shared a passion for flipping through the air and landing back on their feet, some of the time. The day came when Alex quit gymnastics and started pursuing other passions; they all wondered how they would keep their friendship alive. A few weeks went by when Alex suddenly called Sam and Jordan and invited them over for that infamous “Mate sesh”. After just a few sips the trio could feel the awakening effect of Yerba Mate and headed off to gymnastics practice to test its veracity.

Needless to say, they found the effects, well, effective! The trio were now re-bounded by the powers of Yerba Mate. They managed to stay loyal to the tea through the rest of their high school and collegiate careers where they developed skills in entrepreneurship and business. After Sam (Mikulak) made the US Olympic Team in 2012 a bit of buzz erupted around Sam drinking the tea, and the trio huddled up once again.

The goals of MatéBros are clear and concise: spread the love for Yerba Mate and help as many people live a healthy lifestyle as possible! We do this by providing our customers with our product, Energy For A Healthy Lifestyle. MatéBros is Simply Energy, an all-natural approach to caffeine and the “energy drink” market.

Meet the Originators of MatéBros – Yerba Mate Energy Drink



Jordan sipped on the drink that Alex introduced them to and immediately saw a future. Nourished by his passion for business and entrepreneurship, Jordan could not help but see the potential for the three of them to financially unite over their new bliss and strengthen their brotherhood by business. Driven by Alex’s imagination and Sam’s passion, Jordan was able to organize the direction of their company in accordance with their vision for MatéBros.



The drink idea first surfaced when Alex introduced Yerba Mate to Jordan and Sam. His open-mind and free-spirit led to his bond with this South American tea that is scarcely seen in the American tea industry today. Alex focuses on his relationship with God and believes that their product is an ideal representation of the trio’s relationship. He loves to spend time at the beach with friends and have a MatéBros energy drink in hand.



With his relaxed demeanor and “California cool style”, Sam quickly connected with the positive and lively feel of the drink. His connection was so strong that he had to bring the product with him when he competed in the 2012 London Olympic Games. Sam vouches that the drink definitely has contributed to his exceptional gymnastics career and motivates him both inside and outside of the gym. If you don’t find Sam in the gym training for Rio 2016 you are likely to find him at the beach sharing the MatéBros brotherhood.



First introduced to Yerba Mate by Sam and Jordan in their freshman year at Michigan, Alex was hesitant to join the movement to say the least. Who are these Californians and what is this magical tea they are drinking?! After his first Mate sessh, it was all history. Alex felt the energy and soon began to conceptualize the business behind the brothers. Alex leads research and development for MatéBros, always formulating their next big move.



Sam and Jordan introduced me to Yerba Mate four years ago and I have been drinking it with them before practices and competitions as a teammate on the U of Michigan men’s gymnastics team. I competed at the 2012 Olympics with Sam and we drank maté together during the competition. I was a four time team captain of the Michigan team, a 5-time NCAA All-American, and am the first Michigan student-athlete in 53 years to be a part of three NCAA championships. My master’s degree in sport management will prove useful for MatéBros.

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