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  • A refreshing and familiar lemon-tea blend of vitamins and minerals
  • Naturally-occurring caffeine from the finest Yerba Maté tea leaves of South America for lasting energy and focus
  • 35 calories + 7g cane sugar + 9g carbohydrates + 99mg caffeine
  • Non-carbonated and no crash

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Product Description

MatéBros is the cleanest and simplest energy drink currently on the market! The product was created by Olympic and world-class athletes in search of a natural energy alternative and has since been providing people with energy for a healthy and active lifestyle. Brewed with traditional South American tea leaves, MatéBros Energy Brew is non-carbonated and all-natural. Our blend has only 5 ingredients, and is easy on the stomach while providing healthy energy to increase focus and physical endurance – without the side effects and crash found in most energy drinks. MatéBros is best used before or during when you work, study, train, adventure, or hangout with friends!

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    By far the best drink around! Love satisfying my thirst with a can of Yerba mate right before a night long practice!

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    Great tea! Gets me through those long days. Have y’all thought of doing auto delivery for those of us that want to order every month?

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    Fantastic product, natural energy, delicious taste

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    Tastes great and is healthy for you, great product! I love drinking one of these before practice to give me a kick start to my night!

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    I’m not a huge fan of energy drinks, I feel like they always taste like plastic. This is finally a difference. It tastes so refreshing, I used it in place of my pre workout simply for the health benefits and it’s been amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

    Thanks guys!

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    matebros is by far my favorite drink ????. it’s so god and refreshing and it’s great after a good gymnastics workout!

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    This product is awesome! I take one everyday before gymnastics and feel awake and ready to workout! Everyone should buy!

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    If you’re looking for a Red Bull knock off this isn’t your drink, but if you’re looking for a healthy tea energy drink then this is something you need to try. Tastes great with a slight tart finish that I can’t get enough of.

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    These drinks are amazing! I will never drink coffee again but instead keep my life full of Mate Bros! They truly enlighten the senses!

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    I love this product! I drink one yerba mate in the morning and feel energized all day!

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    I love everything about MateBros. The amount and energy given without the crash like other energy drinks is amazing. There are no other products out there like this one. I’ve bought multiple cases and I can say the taste is also really good if you’re a(n) (iced) tea drinker like myself

  12. 5 out of 5


    The first day I had MateBros I set a new PR 10k and felt like I could do it again. I enjoy it before every practice/game and love it.

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